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Who we are

Salem Ekklesia is a nonprofit religious organization developed to build a sense of community through spiritual integration, worship, preaching, teaching, healing, and research.

Our mission is based on the Greek word for church, Ekklesia (ek-klay-see'-ah). A combination of
ek—“out of,” and kaleo—“shall be called,” it literally means “called out ones.” Whether we meet you at our services or out in the community as we support and encourage those who are struggling, we feel called out to share the love of Christ.

We have our services at 10am, every sunday . Our time together is informal. We accept people as they are and try to develop relationships based on grace, care, community, and food. Yes, food! We believe that great relationships are made when we share meals together so we have meals before some services.

Here at Salem Ekklesia, we do not design programs, activities, and job descriptions and then look desperately for people to fill the roles. We learn what talents and callings people have and help them find a joyful and purposeful way to minister to others.

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